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Frequently Asked Questions

All receivers are sold with standard firmware and you will only be able to receive Free To Air Channels on satellite and cable box receivers. Android devices will requires additional Apps and addons to be loaded prior to being able to view internet TV channels from all over the world. You are not able to return IPTV subscriptions once they have been supplied to you.

You will only be able to view these types of football matches if you purchase an iview HD or HD Plus subscription. We do not install IPTV connection codes or server links on any units available for sale on the website. We will supply codes and links to you via email and it is left up to the customer when the codes or links are used and installed on their own equipment or equipment purchased from Simplesats. It is possible to obtain addons for Android devices which will give you free channels from Europe and other regions across the globe, but the forums hosting these addons are being shut down by action taken by FACT and the Premier League. Addon developers are no longer willing to support current addons or develop new ones as they face being prosecuted by FACT and you may have difficulty keeping your Android TV Box or other device with working channels or streams, under these circumstances Simplesats cannot accept any responsibility for any loss of service you may encounter from third party suppliers.

Please refesh your email box after 5mins of your registration and check the email box or spam box even. If you still donot get our activation email, please check your email service or change another server like google.

1. Please not use VPN. Also need to make sure your card issued bank country is the same as your now internet login country. 2. If you still cannot success, please try another card. 3. Our store support Visa and Master credit card. If you want other payment ways, please contact us.