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ProPlus IPTV

£16.00£80.00 UK Standard VAT @ 20%

United Kingdom Sports, Movies and Entertainment channels. This service can be installed on Android devices; Set-Top-Box, Tablet & Phone, MAG250/254/256, Enigma2 receivers, Smart TV, Samsung & LG, PC and Mac.



There is both Live TV and Catchup TV of the main UK channels. Includes the main channels from France, Germany, Italy and Greece. Additional sports channels from Arabia and North America which show English football live.

The live TV has a high frame rate so just looks like watching normal quality TV. The feeds are very consistent and work without stuttering on low broadband bandwidth. The consistency of the feeds is very good.

Live TV has basic EPG program data, so you can check on what programs are coming up later in the day. In the Channel List each channel shows what is currently being broadcast, making program selection easy.